The Apertures CRM for Windows & Doors Businesses
The Apertures CRM for Windows & Doors Businesses
The Apertures CRM for Windows & Doors Businesses
The Apertures CRM for Windows & Doors Businesses
The Apertures CRM for Windows & Doors Businesses
The Apertures CRM for Windows & Doors Businesses

The Apertures CRM for Windows & Doors Businesses

Digitising window client measurements, quotations, tickets and more!

An all-in one platform with real-time insights and notifications for your apertures business.

A fully fledged
Windows & Doors CRM

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An essential tool for streamlining measurement taking, invoicing and ordering processes

AperturesConnect offers a fast and reliable method for various functions related to the supply and installation of aperture products such as PVC or Aluminium/Wood Windows as well as doors, louvers and blinds. It serves the needs of a team within various levels in the supply chain, from supplier to consumer.

  • Go paperless: No more scribbling on papers for taking measurements and sketching construction designs. Make use of our technology to avoid human errors and wrong orders which cost time and money.
  • Mobile compatibility: AperturesConnect is compatible with all devices ranging from laptops, tables to mobile phones.
  • Access your data anywhere: Easily access your data from anywhere at your fingertips. No need for updates from your installers or sales team. All data is there ready for you.
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Take Measurements and Create Quotations whilst on-site

AperturesConnect connects all your entire team in one connected application, where the users can track each others’ progress to keep your clients happy!

  • Close sales on-site: Without the need to go back to your showroom, on AperturesConnect, the client can sign an agreement, and you can close sales on the go!
  • Work with your full team: Installers, Site Inspectors, Project Managers, and Sales and Marketing teams can all work seamlessly together on AperturesConnect
  • Flexible, fast reporting: Keep track of your measurement taking, quotes, and sales through KPIs. Stay ahead of the others by using our real-time reporting
  • Accounting Software Integration: AperturesConnect integrates with many accounts software packages, including XERO, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), Sage, Shireburn and much more. This allows you to continue managing your sales orders in the cloud.

Easy Setup

Boost your company with us

Create Measurements on-site
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Create Quotations on-site or at your office/showroom
Analyse your data in real time at your fingertips

What you get

with AperturesConnect


Customer Support

As part of our onboarding process, we usually conduct 2-4 consultation meetings with your project managers, installers, and sales team to comprehensively understand and set up your Typologies, Price Lists, and preferred User licenses. Once these configurations are finalized (2 weeks process), your company will be fully equipped to leverage our exceptional features.

On AperturesConnect CRM there are 4 types of users, the admin, the project manager, the sales person and the installer. Each one of these users will have different roles and permissions and will have access to different features of the system.

We have a team of developers and support engineers who would be ready to assist you with any technical issues and queries you might face.

Our main email support is support@aperturesconnect.com.

Direct line contacts will be provided upon the AperturesConnect CRM installation for real-time chat and phone assistance.

Once we’ve tailored the system to suit your Apertures business and provided you with our clear and concise User Documentation, we offer training sessions to ensure your team is fully equipped to leverage our technology. Our CRM is designed to be user-friendly, and based on feedback from our satisfied customers, most have mastered the system seamlessly in a single training session!


The number of users you can create on AperturesConnect CRM depends on the size of your company, and we offer various monthly subscription plans based on the user count in your CRM.

Yes, one of the primary goals of this application is to assist salespersons and installers on-site, enabling them to send signed aperture order documents directly to the client while they are present on-site.

At AperturesConnect, we are commited to resolve our customers’ challenges by offering customizable solutions, continually innovating with new features to meet their evolving needs.

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